What is the cloud? You can find a lot of different definitions but in short, it consists of servers scattered all over the world or in one location, that allows you to deploy your sites, data, business apps like you would do on servers you own on premises.

Advantages are mainly :

  • You don’t have to patch, update and manage the servers yourself. You can if you want but that’s not necessary
  • You pay only for what you use while, for a server on premises, you pay the electricity and the maintenance even when it’s not used.
  • You can deploy more instances of you apps during peak periods and go back to normal when less used (it’s called elasticity).
  • Given the army of engineers the cloud providers hire, there is no way your data could be safer than there. Plus the confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • And for all the above reasons, you save money.

One of the major actors in the cloud business is Microsoft with its platform Azure. While the others (mainly Amazon and Google) are totally worthy of your attention, we decided to go for Azure because of the prices and the tooling. There are a lot of free services and overall the offer covers wide areas and is still expanding.

We provide counsel and assistance to companies willing to move to the cloud as we know it’s not easy for the non initiated and there might be resistance and misinformation.

With us, you’ll move to the cloud and you’ll be happy about it. Others have, and they are satisfied.